George Fullerton Inspired "Stock" Stratocaster Control Plate

  • $50.00

This plate is inspired by the plate located on George Fullerton's prototype Stratocaster, but is made to have the standard locations of the potentiometers and switch on a stock Strat. The result is a familiar feel but with a different look, and possibly better shielding.

The switch slot is slightly longer than plates from other companies, to allow for the longer throw of some blade switches, especially 4-way blade switches. All of the holes except the potentiometer holes are countersunk, so that flat head or oval head mounting screws can be used.

Made from 14 gauge (2mm/0.075") stainless steel.

Available in a right handed or left handed configuration, with your choice of 4 finish options.

•Note: Pickguard modifications will be required to use this plate as intended.