Marauder Standard Main Control Plate (Rocker Switch)

  • $50.00

This plate is made to work with either of our Marauder guitar routing template sets. It fits a combination of up to 3 potentiometers or output jacks, with standard sized 3/8" holes. It also has a slot for a Moog style rocker switch.

The Moog style rockers switches pop up on eBay from time to time, so keep an eye out and you can snag enough for a build.

Also included is a laser cut black acrylic spacer, to get the height of the rocker switch at the correct level with the plate.

The holes are all countersunk, so that flat head or oval head mounting screws can be used.

Made from 14 gauge (2mm/0.075") stainless steel.

Available in a right handed or left handed configuration, with your choice of 4 finish options.