Mustang Hardtail Plate

Mustang Hardtail Plate

  • $50.00

This plate is great for those of you that don't use the vibrato on your Mustang. The strings anchor into "keyhole" notches, and the slightly lower string placement should offer a bit more sustain.

The notches are all 1/16" wide, so they'll fit up to .062" gauge strings.

The holes are all countersunk, so that flat head or oval head mounting screws can be used.

Made from 14 gauge (2mm/0.075") stainless steel.

Works on both right handed and left handed guitars, with your choice of 4 finish options.

Note: You will have to modify your instrument in order to get the string balls some room to anchor under the plate. This can be done with some chisels, a router, and/or a drill. If done correctly you can still go back to a vibrato in the future if you ever decide to.

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