MV Style Hardtail Plate

MV Style Hardtail Plate

  • $45.00

This hardtail plate replicates the shape and mounting hole locations of a popular aftermarket vibrato plate. I intended to have only one made for a customer, but my supplier ended up making some extras, which I put up here.

This plate is great for those of you that don't use the vibrato on your guitar. The strings anchor into "keyhole" notches, and the slightly lower string placement should offer a bit more sustain.

The notches are all 1/16" wide, so they'll fit up to .062" gauge strings.

The holes are all countersunk, so that flat head or oval head mounting screws can be used.

Made from 14 gauge (2mm/0.075") stainless steel.

Works on both right handed and left handed guitars, with your choice of 4 finish options.

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