Starcaster Guitar Routing Templates

  • $110.00

Modeled after a classic offset semihollow design from the 70s, it was only available for a short period of time originally. It has since been reissued, but doesn't follow the original as much as many people would like.

This template set gives you a ton of options for pickup, bridge, and headstock selection. The main template is set up for Wide Range Humbuckers, and has the holes to accommodate either a Jazzmaster/Jaguar or Mustang bridge, or a hardtail Strat bridge with string through holes. To go with a rocking style bridge there is also a rout for a floating Jazzmaster/Jaguar style vibrato.

The template used for chambering the body includes the neck pocket hole, as well as the option for Jazzmaster pickups and a Tune-O-Matic style bridge. There are inserts on the back so you can have either a large chambered area behind the bridge, or a solid block of wood running throughout the body which works with the optional vibrato rout. I also include the routs for a rear access cover, to give you the convenience to access the electronics easily if you want.

Also included is another neck pocket template with routs for standard sized humbuckers, a Tune-O-Matic bridge, and matching stop tailpiece.

Besides all of the templates for routing out the chambered body, you also get a 25.5" scale neck template with two different headstock designs. There's the classy "swooshed edge" design originally used on this model, as well as a large 70s headstock design for those who like something a little different. The "swooshed edge" design comes with an extra routing template that you can mount on the headstock to use a bowl or round nose router bit with a bearing to rout the radiused edge.

Along with all of these templates you get a set of Wide Range Humbucker pickup ring templates, a back access plate template, and a pickguard template made to work with the Wide Range humbuckers. The pickguard should mount with a standard Les Paul pickguard mounting bracket and screws.

I also have a set of matching black or white plastic pickup rings, pickguard, and back plate available, should you choose to go that route.

•Note: Because this set of templates uses two full sheets of MDF or clear acrylic, it costs a lot more to make it than my other sets. Therefore it is priced accordingly, but I still think it is a great value and I hope to see what everyone makes with these templates. :)